UHMW PE is the product of choice when applications require high slip (like Teflon®), anti-friction surfaces but need the added feature of being highly ABRASION & wear resistant. UHMW has a lower temperature range than PTFE (0F to 200F) but is tougher and resists gouging. It is perfect for Materials Handling Systems, Metal-to-metal Sliding Surface applications, chutes, guides, noise abatement, friction reduction.


We provide a huge selection of UHMW Films (and UHMW Tapes WITH Adhesive). UHMW Film is Opaque White. Black, Semi-Conductive, Anti-Static UHMW Film is also offered. Available film thicknesses range from .003” to .125”; Rolls can be slit from .25” wide to 24” wide. UHMW film is also sold by the lineal foot and can be die-cut into custom shapes. Specialty adhesives such as “High Bond” and “PE Bond’ can be laminated onto UHMW.


We have a new UHMW Tape Product Lines: UHMW High Bond® Tape—this tape have a high bond 3M adhesive which sticks to many Low Surface Energy Materials (like PTFE, Foam, Oily Metals, Slippery Plastics). New PE BOND® sticks to hard-to-bond Polyethylene surfaces like LDPE, HDPE, UHMW PE.

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