UHMW High Bond Sticks to Difficult-to-Bond Surfaces


UHMW High Bond (HB) Tape has all the benefits of strong, slippery, abrasion-resistant UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) polyethylene tape, plus a super-high bond adhesive.

UHMW High Bond is an excellent choice for difficult-to-bond, Low Surface Energy surfaces such as Powder-coated, plastic, foam, oily metals, slightly textured. UHMW-HB (#19-HB Series) even sticks to high slip surfaces: Teflon®, Acrylic, PE, and more.


UHMW High Bond Tape is available in many film thicknesses: .010", .020", .030", .060", .090" and .125". Adhesive is .002" thick. Black Semi-Conductive, Anti-Static UHMW High Bond Tape is also available. Standard Widths are .5", .75, 1", 2", 6" , 12". Rolls are 5 yards long. Custom widths, thicknesses and lengths are also available. CS Hyde Company can custom Die-Cut UHMW HB into labels, discs, squares, etc. Send us your drawing. FREE SAMPLES AVAILABLE.

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