UHMW Tape is widely the product of choice when applications require high slip (like Teflon®), anti-friction surfaces but need the added feature of being highly ABRASION & wear resistant. UHMW has a lower temperature range than PTFE (0F to 200F) but is tougher and resists gouging. It is perfect for Materials Handling Systems, Metal-to-metal Sliding Surface applications, chutes, guides, noise abatement, friction reduction.


We provide a huge selection of UHMW Tapes (with or without adhesive): Opaque White Tape in film thicknesses from .003 to .125” in widths from .25” to 24” wide. Adhesive choices are Rubber or various Acrylics; Black, Semi-Conductive, Anti-Static UHMW Tape; Colored UHMW Tape; Tivar® Dry Slide (extra lubricant) and Tivar® Hot (up to 275F).


We have a new UHMW Tape Product Lines: UHMW® High Bond Tape—These tapes have a high bond 3M adhesive which sticks to many Low Surface Energy Materials (like PTFE, Foam, Oily Metals, Slippery Plastics). This product line is available from .003” thick to .125” Widths range from .5” w to 48” wide. Custom Die Cut Parts are available for both new products.

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