UL 508 Manual Motor Controller for Industrial Applications



 SCHURTER’s AS168X thermal magnetic, high performance circuit breaker is UL 508 listed, Manual Motor Controller. The AS168X provides motor disconnect from 0.5 to 30 A, and motor protection from 1/10-20 horsepower for industrial control applications. 


The AS168X series is rated 0.5 to 52 A at 480 Y / 277 VAC. The high performance CBE limits let through energyin the event of a short circuit up to 10 kA at 277 VAC. The family has three levels of short circuit protection, categorized by F, G and H curves and is available in one to four poles. Multi-pole devices are connected internally and at the handle for simultaneous operation. This applies also to combinations with the switched neutral pole. The thermal magnetic, positively trip-free breaker, with manual ON/OFF actuation has a high endurance (life cycle) of 6000 cycles (In) with an ambient temperature range of -20°C to +60°C. 



- DIN-Rail Mounting
- Auxiliary contact moduleEach auxiliary contact module contains one contact, either normally open or normally closed
- Signal contact moduleSignal contact modules are linked internally with the protected poles but not linked at the handles. Contacts are actuated by a fault condition at the protected poles, not by manual operation of the CBE
- Relay trip moduleThe relay trip module can be used for remote tripping of the adjacent poles by applying a voltage to the module's terminal

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