ULTRA-CLEAN US-159 Alkaline Detergent


An alkaline detergent developed specifically for difficult cleaning operations involving the removal of aged, oxidized, burned-on oil and grease, ULTRA-CLEAN US-159 applications can include machinery rebuilding, including engines and transmission, component cleaning during maintenance procedures, and more. Intended for immersion including agi-lift and ultrasonic equipment, this special formulation cleans more thoroughly in less time, thus increasing productivity. Its formula produces low to moderate foam, maximizing ultrasonic cavitation.


Safe for use on ferrous alloys when used as directed, ULTRA-CLEAN US-159 may etch or stain aluminum and zinc alloys, therefore pretesting before use is recommended.  Dilutions from 2 to 10% by volume in water that is 120 to 160°F (48.9 to 71.1°C) are typically effective.  Heavier soils and/or ultrasonic applications may benefit from operating at higher temperatures up to 190°F (87.8°C).  Follow cleaning step with a thorough ambient-to-warm water rinse.

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