Ultra-Miniature 3.117mm Pitch Molded Chain Drives


A new series of ultra miniature inch and metric 3.117 mm pitch molded chain drives from Stock Drive Products are designed for use where limited space and weight > factors are important: such as servo drives to stylus or pen carriages in recorders and X-Y plotters, chart roll drives and counter drives.

They are used in communication equipment, business machines, cameras and other electronic or electro- mechanical devices.

Made of pre-lubricated, non-magnetic black acetal, these drives, identified as the A 6M 7M12 series, are designed to
operate over a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to +121°C. The chain features a unit-link design that eliminates the need for a master link. Each unit-link measures 2.08 mm high and 4.12 mm wide. A length of 321 links snapped together will equal 1 meter and a length of 5 meters of chain weighs only 0.031 kg. Chain operating speeds of up to 5.1 meters per second, around smaller 8-tooth sprockets, and maximum operating loads of up to 0.9 kg. of tension are recommended.

The A 6M 7M12 sprockets are stocked in 14 sizes from 8 through 48 teeth. Three bore sizes are stocked for press fitting the sprockets to 3, 4, and 6 mm shafts. Sprockets that have 24 or more teeth are molded with a spoked configuration. Outer diameters range from 9.4 mm (.371") to 49.3 mm (1.939") and pitch diameters from 8.1 mm (.318") to 47.4mm (1.865"). The A 6M 7M12 series is available for immediate delivery from SDP stock.
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