Ultra-Small Photoelectric Sensors


Pepperl+Fuchs introduces R2 Series Ultra-Small Sensors - a complete family of ultra-miniature photoelectric sensors available in four sensing modes to suit varied application needs. These sensors feature a 24 mm x 7.5 mm x 11.2 mm housing, industry standard mounting footprint, a flush and wear-resistant antistatic glass lens and a 45° cable outlet to maximize mounting flexibility. Consequently, the R2 series can be mounted where other photoelectric sensors cannot – in extremely tight spaces and close to moving objects – to deliver high performance and reliable operation in a wide range of applications regardless of the color, texture or shape of the object(s) being sensed. 

“The R2 series is the only nano-sized photoelectric sensor available today with Background Evaluation (BGE) mode. Utilizing a fixed background such as a conveyor or machine part as a reference, R2 series BGE sensors are a unique alternative to retroreflective sensors, reliably detecting objects without the need for a reflector,” says Pepperl+Fuchs Product Manager, Michael Turner. “Advanced thru-beam mode R2 sensors are equipped with a secondary emitter LED that provides a laser-like spot size for high-precision applications and eliminates the hassle of applying external apertures. The R2 series is also available in polarized retroreflective and background suppression modes.” Industry standard 15 mm mounting hole separation enables R2 series sensors to easily retrofit into existing applications. Threaded sensor mounting holes enable installation without mounting nuts to simplify installation and save time. This also negates the potential to lose or drop mounting nuts while installing a sensor in very small, tight spaces. 


  • four sensing modes
  • 24 mm x 7.5 mm x 11.2 mm housing
  • wear-resistant antistatic glass lens
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