Ultra-Temptm 516 is a new, single part, zirconia-filled, inorganic adhesive system for bonding zirconia components used in high temperature sensors and instruments to 4400 oF. Ultra-Temptm 516 demonstrates exceptional electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. Its dielectric strength is 250 volts/mil; volume resistivity is 108 ohm-cm; and torque strength is 8.6 in-lbs. Due to its inert chemistry Ultra-Temptm 516 will not outgas under ultra high vacuum (UHV), a common requirement for many industrial processes such as semiconductor manufacturing. Ultra-Temptm 516 also provides excellent chemical, moisture and thermal shock resistance. Ultra-Temptm 516 is applied easily using a syringe, brush or automatic dispenser. Because it is water-based, cleanup is accomplished quickly using warm water and soap. Full curing is achieved by heating up to 700 oF for 1-2 hours. Ultra-Temptm 516 can be used to bond a wide range of additional materials including alumina, beryllia, silicon, graphite, inconel, molybdenum, nickel, tantulum, titanium, and tungsten. It is available from stock in pint, quart, gallon and five-gallon pails. For more information about this advanced product, please contact Aremco's Sales Engineering Department.
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