UltraCat Catalyst Filters


Tri-Mer UltraCat Catalyst filters remove particulate and NOx at 350ºF to 750ºF.  Acid gases (SO2, HCl, and HF) can be removed with integrated dry sorbent injection. Pollutants including mercury and dioxins can also be controlled.  If only PM or PM+ SO2  need to be controlled, UltraTemp standard filters are highly efficient at temperatures to 1650ºF.

UltraTemp and UltraCat performance features include:

High collection efficiency

  • Typical results are below 0.001 grain/dscf (2 mg.Nm3)
  • Accepts exceptionally heavy particle loadings

High temperature hot gas PM filtration capability

  • Maximum operating temperature, 1650°F

NOx removal, up to 90% efficiency

Dry scrubbing with sorbent injection for acid gas removal yields excellent results. SO2 removal is typically above 90%, and HCl is generally above 97%.  UltraTemp and UltraCat filter systems are a proven option for Boiler MACT compliance.  Completely integrated systems with performance guarantees are supplied by Tri-Mer.

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