UltraGlide Wheel Series


Reducing the amount of energy needed to move loads in manual or powered applications, the UltraGlide wheel series was designed for ergonomic and AGV applications. The precision ball bearings have been upgraded in both size and quality to provide more than double the bearing life.


Providing the same durability as more conventional heavy-duty wheels and simulating the cushioning benefits of a thicker, softer tread, the die cast aluminum center has been designed with a new concave face that concentrates the compression of the urethane toward the centerline of the tread.


The assemblies are offered in two tread profiles and three different polyurethane types. Allowing for many more product configurations, the 1 in. wide wheels are now assembled separately like a true multi-wheel arrangement.


Making it easier to turn, UltraGlide still features independent swivel surfaces that eliminate scrubbing. Also, it has split outer raceways to minimize friction that provides low startup and maintain forces.


UltraGlide Ergo

  • Capacity range: 600 to 2800 lb. (272.2 to 1270.1 kg) per wheel

UltraGlide 24/7 | AGV

  • Capacity range: 750 to 6500 lb. (340.2 to 2948.3 kg) per wheel

UltraGlide XC

  • Capacity range: 750 to 6500 lb. (340.2 to 2948.3 kg) per wheel assembly
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