UltraPressTM Ball Valves For Press-Connection Systems


Milwaukee Valve has introduced the UltraPressTM full port brass ball valves for use in press-connection systems. The valve is available in both Press-to-Press (BA-480B) and Threaded-to-Press (BA-490B) ends. Designed for potable water, mechanical HVAC and process water applications, UltraPress offers a faster installation alternative to traditional solder or threaded joints. The UltraPress ends are designed to work with compression tools and equipment commonly used in the plumbing and HVAC contractor communities.

UltraPress has been created around the superior ball and seat design that has been at the heart of Milwaukee Valve’s brass ball valve offering. This basic design has been service-proven in millions of installations all over the world. UltraPress parts are fully annealed at Milwaukee Valve’s factory prior to final assembly. Annealing provides increased flexibility while maintaining strength and sealing integrity to accommodate the crimping process. This extra step ensures that the safety features built into the design remain in place during the installation process and for years to come.

UltraPress valves are available in sizes ranging from ½” to 2”. Standard features include glass-reinforced PTFE seats and packing, blowout proof stem and adjustable stem packing making them dependable for a wide variety of applications. Built with superior ASTM-grade materials, UltraPress valves conform to the standards of NSF 61.

ANSI/NSF Standard 61 has been developed in response to amendments to the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act (SWDA), which sets standards for pipes, valves and fittings to limit lead from leaching into drinking water. This stringent measurement guarantees the safe use of the UltraPress in drinking water applications.

Because the major certifying agencies (MSS, ASTM and ASME) have not yet established standards for press-connection systems, Milwaukee Valve has developed a rigorous test regimen for the UltraPress product offering. Before production was authorized, each UltraPress design was tested for high-pressure, in-line holding strength and mechanical bending that duplicates expansion and contraction stresses that installed valves may be subject to during service life. UltraPress valves also go through stringent metallurgical verification to ensure material integrity and quality throughout the valve’s life cycle.

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