Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine


    ALBERT LEA, Minnesota (February 25, 2008) – An easy-to-operate, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine with an agitated immersion feature that provides even greater cleaning power has been introduced by ALMCO, Inc., a leading manufacturer of metal parts washers and dryers.
    Two heavy-duty models of the new machine move a load of parts through 60 vertical 4-inch strokes per minute while ultrasonic energy and surging action of the cleaning fluid removes dirt from cracks and crevices with ultimate efficiency.  A third, bench-top model offers ALMCO’s ultrasonic technology but not the agitation feature.
    All three units offer continuous operation, a cleaning tank with insulated double-wall construction, an adjustable thermostat for cleaning fluid temperature, and Vibra-Bar© transducer modules that are guaranteed not to crack, depolarize or detach from the radiating surface for 10 years.
    Suited to a wide variety of applications, ALMCO’s ultrasonic technology is leading-edge
and environmentally safe.  Sound waves introduced in the cleaning liquid by the transducers

create compression and expansion that is so intense, the molecules pull apart to form
microscopic bubbles that begin the cleaning process.
The most compact of the three models is the 1,000-watt, table-top KT-8500, without
agitated immersion.  It has 12 transducer modules, 1,250 watts of heating power, inside tank dimensions of 22 inches long x 15 inches wide x 14 inches deep, and a working liquid depth of 11.5 inches for general cleaning.  
The larger and more powerful ALMCO machines, with the agitation feature, are the
 Model PW-125HSS-U and PW-200HSS-U.  They have additional transducer modules, more heating power, and inside tank dimensions and working liquid depths that accommodate greater numbers of larger parts.
    Each of the new ALMCO machines is manufactured entirely in the USA and is backed by expert assistance in matching equipment with production needs, space availability and other considerations.  The new units represent a further extension of the broad line of parts cleaning equipment and complete systems developed in recent years by the 65-year-old Minnesota company.


• Working liquid depth: 13” above carrier • Liquid capacity: 89 gallons • Cleaning power: 22.5 watts/gallon • 10 ga. 304 stainless steel bottom/14 ga. Sidewalls • Double-wall construction • 2” insulation • 6 KW of heating power • Adjustable thermostat • Power requirements: 240 VAC 60 Hz • 200 lbs. load capacity
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