Ultrasonic Cleaning Package


The Stainless-Steel GMC is an optional package to achieve chemical compatibility with aggressive caustic and acidic agents. The GMC series comes in two sizes: the GMC1818 and the GMC 3523.  The larger can accommodate parts with one dimension up to 35 in. and weighing up to 125 lb. Both units are completely self-contained, supported on casters, and operate from commonly available power supplies making them easy to move where needed for either in-place or utility cleaning. Both systems include a pump and dual stainless cartridge filtration, a surface sparger, automated controls for heat, pump and ultrasonics, a lid, and one standard basket. A drip pan (the open hinged lid in the case of the GMC 1818 or attached to the side of the tank in the case of the GMC 3523) allows for draining one basket of parts, while cleaning another.

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