Ultrasonic Level Sensor - Madison Co


Model U3M ultrasonic “Mini Probe” level sensor packs microprocessor accuracy in a package that extends only 2 in. above the tank or drum surface. Operating range is from 4 in. to 6 ft. PVC housing allows sensor to be used in temperatures from –40 to 140°F; optional material extends maximum temperature to 257°F. Microprocessor circuitry provides a temperature-compensated signal and filters false echoes from peripheral obstructions.


* Pulse ultrasonic technology * Non-contact measurement * Programmable * Push-button calibration * Elimination of unwanted echoes * Microprocessor-based reliability * Temperature compensation * Field or bench calibration * Self-cleaning sensor face * Non-volatile memory (batteries not required) * Automatic adjustment of power and sensitivity to any environment * Low profile
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