Understand Equipment Downtime


CoroPlus MachiningInsights is more than a monitoring system as it gathers data, calls attention to issues, and provides the insights required to take action. It is an easily attainable step for manufacturers that are looking to reduce waste in production and make a smooth transition into a digital way of working.


For many manufacturers and shops, knowing when a machine has stopped – and identifying the underlying reason for the stoppage – can be a major challenge and digital solutions are creating new possibilities to overcome this issue. Replacing the traditional ways of manual tracking, manual data aggregation, and manual time studies, collecting data directly from a connected machine tool as well as from operators makes it possible to visualize the machine, and even tool utilization levels and create improvements within the factory.


Manufacturers can make substantial efficiency gains from this digital solution through the ability to analyze equipment utilization and act to optimize production processes. The analysis itself is facilitated by digital connectivity and by adding the capability of operator input into the system, Sandvik Coromant has ensured there are also opportunities for increased collaboration and greater efficiency by combining data from the operator with data from the machine.


Transparency is ensured through the visualization being carried out online and, therefore, accessible by a web browser. This means there is no need for a complicated IT project to get up and running and there is a rapid and simple method of incorporating digital manufacturing intelligence into a production site to drive improvements.


The solution is deployed as a cloud-based application without any hardware installations. It is accessible from any tablet, phone or computer with an internet connection.


Most machines younger than 10 years old can be connected with the solution. For details, consult you local Sandvik Coromant representative. The machines need to be connected to an Ethernet factory network with a server. Data is collected from the machines via the factory network.


A software program is installed on for example a factory server provided. The software program collects data from machines via the factory network which is then streamed as compressed data to the platform in the cloud.


The connection between the factory and the platform located in the cloud is provided by a Secure Shell (SSH) connection that is encrypted and compressed for efficiency. The SSH connection can be encrypted with a private key that is generated by the user. Users can also apply their key rotation policies to ensure further security.


Users access the application using any modern and up-to-date web browsers. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


  • Transparency, data utilization, and collaboration are contributing to your overall success. These are only a few examples of the benefits created in the organization:
  • Plant management: Increase overall efficiency and meet delivery demands with quality and profitability.
  • Production engineering: Improve processes, facilitate capacity planning and secure that operations are carried out in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Production management: Optimize operations and collaboration within workshops and between factories in order to reduce cost.
  • Operators: Feedback and contribute to insights for optimization of the manufacturing process and machine operations
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