Unibroach Annular Cutters – HSS Steel (6-Series)


Faster and more accurate than twist drilling: Achieve burr-free finished holes, without predrilling or stepdrilling

Unibroach® Cutters are made of hardened, high-speed tool steel and precision-ground with up to 16 teeth for fast drilling

CS Unitec's Unibroach® Annular Cutters drill a burr-free finished hole by cutting only the material around the periphery of the hole. This forms a solid slug which automatically pops out.

• Less time and energy are consumed per hole
• Faster feed rates are achieved with more cutting teeth and less tool wear
• Lighter, less powerful drilling equipment can be used
• Able to drill holes which are difficult or impossible to do accurately with conventional twist drill tooling - with no predrilling or stepdrilling required.


High-speed steel for drilling 3x faster than twist drills

Annular Cutters are the standard hole-making drills in the industry. Ideal for heavy-duty use on-site or in the shop, our HSS Unibroach® cutters are available in the following sizes:

1" drill depth — Ø 7/16" to Ø 5"
2" drill depth — Ø 7/16" to Ø 5"
3" drill depth — Ø 3/4" to Ø 5"

• CNC precision ground for fast penetration, accuracy and long life
• Flutes run the length of the cutter for efficient chip clearance
• Drill holes 3 times faster than twist drills
• Produce reamed-quality burr-free holes and solid slugs
• Reduce machine size and weight
• Cutting edges are resharpenable
• Eliminate time-consuming, costly pilot holes and step drilling

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