Unilift Pallet Handler


Bishamon Industries Corporation recently announced the introduction of a revolutionary new product used for pallet handling - UniLift™.  This product enables both the transport and ergonomic positioning of a standard GMA pallet without straddling it.  “After several years of design, research and development, we have achieved our goal - a product that enables a worker to pick up a standard GMA pallet or skid without straddling it, transport it to their work area, and ergonomically position the load – all with one product”, reports Bob Clark, VP of Sales and Marketing for Bishamon. “The unique deployable outrigger design gives UniLift™ the handling and steering characteristics of a standard pallet jack”.

The UniLift™ is designed with electronically deployable outriggers that are operator actuated after the pallet is raised in transport mode.  This unique feature enables the operator to lift the pallet or skid up to 34” in height, providing unparalleled ergonomics in a non-straddle pallet transporter.  The operation of the UniLift™ is manual transport with electronically actuated outrigger deployment and lift.


• Can be used with standard GMA pallets and/or skids • Dual-purpose product allows for both transport and load positioning • Handles and steers like a standard pallet jack • Lifting fork height up to 34” • Lift capacity of 2000# (see chart) • On-board, automatic battery charger • Efficient 24 VDC battery system powers lift operation • Electro-mechanical outrigger actuation with position sensors • Electronic operator console with “Raise” and “Lower” push buttons, dual function key / battery disconnect switch, outrigger position LEDs and battery status LED • 8” diameter polyurethane steering wheels • 3” diameter polyurethane load wheels • Durable powder coated finish
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