Unique Filter Mats Reduce Maintenance for Electrical Enclosure Cooling


Filterfan filter mats offer a uniquely efficient filter media for electrical enclosure filter fans. These fluted filter mats extend service life by 300% vs. traditional filter media.


With over 60 years of filter fan experience, Pfannenberg reengineered the filter mat for 4th generation Filterfans to optimize airflow and reliability. Filterfans 4.0 spin optimized fins and rotor blades to maximize airflow with minimal energy consumption. As a result, the system employs high-performance louvers that expand surface area on filter mats.


Featuring an innovative fluted design, these filter mats enable increased airflow efficiency without compromising durability. While easily installed in seconds with only a single hand, Filterfans filter mats require less frequent replacement—extending service life by 300%. This efficient and capable design earns Filterfans NEMA Type 12 certification.


In all, Filterfans 4.0 combine 11 field-proven patented features for an industry-leading cooling solution. Options include NEMA Type 3R/4/4X / IPx6 Washdown Rainhoods, UV Protected Plastic for use in direct sunlight, EMC shielding to attenuate RF signals and exhausting fans for custom applications.

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