Unique Filtration for Compressed Air Systems


A unique approach to providing filtration for compressed air systems, this series of Extractor/Dryers are designed as a point of use, two-stage filter that efficiently removes moisture and contaminates to improve and extend the life cycle of tools and equipment.


Each model offers a standard 5-Micron rating with lower Micron ratings available. With flow ranges of 15 SCFM to 2000 SCFM and pressure ratings of up to 250 PSI, the Extractor/Dryer is an ideal solution for an extensive array of applications including air powered tools, surface preparation, paint spraying, powder coating, and pneumatic operated equipment.                  


Additional standard features of the Extractor/Dryer include a built-in differential pressure gauge and weep drain. The differential pressure gauge provides a visual indication of required maintenance, which is easily accomplished with the installation of the appropriate service kit and without removing the unit from the air system. The weep drain allows for a continual discharge of moisture from the Extractor/Dryer and may be replaced by either the addition of a float drain or electronic drain valve for more precise control.


  • Models range from 15 SCFM thru 2,000 SCFM
  • Standard 5 micron ratings (lower micron rating available)
  • Removes 99.9% of the liquids entering the Extractor/Dryer
  • Easy to install and maintain without removal from air line
  • Lightweight aluminum housing
  • Immediate cost savings from decreased downtime 
  • Standard inlet and outlet NPT sizes
  • Improve equipment performance and product quality 
  • Standard Differential Pressure Gauge for rust and dirt particles
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