UNITRONIC® BUS DeviceNet™ Gray


UNITRONIC® BUS DeviceNet cables provide reliable data and power transfer between industrial automation devices like sensors, actuators & PLCs. The cables are designed to perform in harsh chemical & mechanical environments and are in full compliance with ODVA specifications.
Recommended Applications: DeviceNet bus systems; wiring of automation devices like sensors, actuators, PLCs, and PCs
Application Advantages: •Cable can supply device with power and data, wiring is minimized •Full compliance with ODVA specifications •Communication rate up to 500 Kbps •Oil-resistant PVC jacket 


Minimum Bend Radius  - for installation: 10 x cable diameter     Temperature Range -20°C to +75°C     Nominal Voltage 300V     Characteristic Impedance 120 Ω     Nominal Capacitance 12 pF/ft      Color Code  - Power pair: Red & black - Data pair: Blue & white     Approvals UL: CL2  Canada: CSA AWM

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