UNITRONIC® LiYY/LiYCY is a multi-conductor cable for communication, signal, and control applications. It is designed for general purpose installations of electrical machinery. UNITRONIC® LiYCY has a tinned copper braid for RFI & EMI protection. UNITRONIC® LiYCY (TP) is an overall-shielded multi-paired version for data, communication, and signal applications.Recommended Applications: RS-232; data buses; process control instrumentation; low-voltage signaling and interconnect; broadcast; applications with the European DIN 47100 color code Application Advantages: •Extended temperature range of -40°C to +80°C •European color code DIN 47100 •Flexible for easy installation   


Minimum Bend Radius:- for installation: 4 x cable diameter- shielded: 6 x cable diameter Temperature Range:- for stationary use: -40°C to +80°C- for flexible use: -5°C to +70°CNominal Voltage: 250VTest Voltage:- 26 AWG: 1200V- larger than 26 AWG: 1500VConductor Stranding: Fine wire Insulation Resistance: 20 GΩ x cmInductance: Nominal 0.65 mH/kmMutual Capacitance:- Conductor/conductor: 37 pF/ft- Conductor/shield: 48 pF/ftColor Code: DIN 47100: Chart 8Approvals: RoHSBased on VDE 0812
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