Universal Absorbent Bag Helps Facilities Avoid EPA Violations


New Pig Corporation has introduced the PIG™LEAKTRAPPER™ Universal Absorbent Bag.  Designed to secure to leaking nozzles, faucets and valves, the Bag captures the nuisance leaks and drips at their source –before they hit the ground or contaminate soil- and helps facilities to avoid EPA violations.

The PIG™ LEAKTRAPPER™ Universal Absorbent Bag contains low-profile PIG® Mat pads held in place by a permeable inner liner.  The PIG® Mat pads soak up and retain oils, coolants, solvants and water even when the bag is turned upside down.  Additionally, the durable Absorbent Bag provides an extra level of containment for liquid that leaches from oversaturated absorbents.

Available in Universal and Oil-Only absorbents, the PIG™ LEAKTRAPPER™ Absorbent Bag is also ideal for storing or packing leaky parts or oily equipment. The absorbent bag is offered in two closure styles: drawstrings, which cinch tightly to secure bags around nozzles, faucets, valve and other problem areas and have maximum load-bearing strength; or Velcro® which opens wider for easy, frequent access to store parts and equipment.


  • captures the nuisance leaks
  • pads soak up and retain oils
  • two closure styles
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