Universal Controller


Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the introduction of the SCX11 Universal Controller, a powerful single axis motion controller and a direct successor to our popular SCX10 controller. Wiring is now even simpler with the use of Phoenix Contact connectors. The SCX11 Universal Controller is a highly sophisticated controller, equipped with program editing and execution functions and can operate as a stand-alone controller, without a PC or PLC. The SCX11 offers two types of operations; executing sequence operation (stored program function) or direct command operation. For I/O control, 9 general inputs and 4 general outputs are available. The SCX11 can be used as a stored program controller to connect to any of Oriental Motor’s standard pulse input drivers. Up to 100 sequence programs can be stored and with its “Immediate Motion Creator” GUI software (included) the SCX11 is able to control the motor directly via various serial ports such as USB, RS-232C and CANopen. 

The SCX11’ key features are: 

  •  Phoenix Contact connectors for easy wiring 
  •  100 sequence programs can be stored 
  • Easy operation with “Immediate Motion Creator” GUI software 
  •  USB Port, RS232C and CANopen communication options


  • easy wiring
  • 100 sequence programs can be stored
  • easy operation 
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