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Akro-Mils, a North American leader in storage, organization and transport products, introduces the Universal Hanging Bin . This uniquely designed bin can be hung from any of its foursides, creating different bin profiles. An Akro-Mils exclusive! One bin does it all! The Universal Hanging Bin’s patent-pending design allows bins to adapt to users’ changing storage needs. The bins feature a full-rim hanging cleat design that allows the bin to be hung from a louvered panel by any of its four sides, and from rails by two sides. In addition, the bins are sized to fit evenly across standard-size wire and steel shelving units, providing added utility for optimizing storage spaces.

Other features and benefits of the Universal Hanging Bin  include:

  • Hanging the bins from the back creates a sloped picking bin, keeping parts visible and accessible. The combined utility of a hanging bin and the convenience of a pick rack!
  • Hanging the bins from the side on louvered panels minimizes protrusion into the work area.
  • Hanging the bins from the front creates a standard bin profile, and the bin can be filled to capacity.
  • The rear hanglock allows bins to tilt out on steel or wire shelving units.
  • Users can convert their storage space from a hanging-style bin to a shelf bin-style setup without having topurchase additional bins.
  • Bins nest when empty.

Universal Hanging Bins  are available in seven sizes and four colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Clear. Optional dividers and crystal clear bin lids increase storage options!


  • can be hung from any of its foursides
  • full-rim hanging cleat design
  • available in seven sizes and four colors

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