Universal Loop-powered Signal Isolator


Weidmuller announces the introduction of a new configurable loop-powered signal isolator – the ITXPlus. This compact new signal conditioner provides complete electrical isolation and is ideal for control system applications with a mix of inputs. The ITXPlus can measure, filter and isolate different input parameters, then convert them into an industry standard 4-20mA output. With this unique capability and slim profile, ITXPlus offers savings on both I/O wiring and panel space.
    Weidmuller’s new ITXPlus is highly flexible because it can be programmed to suit a full range of common analog signals and sensor types, such as PT100, thermocouple, mV, mA, voltage, resistance and potentiometer inputs. The standard
4-20mA output can be set as either direct or reverse action. The output configurability of the ITXPlus provides users with the ability to define specific characteristics based on application needs. These specific characteristics include square root, linear and x 3/2, x 5/2 transfer functions.
    The ITXPlus offers built-in functionality for applications requiring temperature measurements. Its output can be configured to represent virtually any temperature range within the characteristic of all industry standard thermocouples and RTDs. The ITXPlus also offers selectable upscale or downscale sensor-break response. The transmitter can process signals from other non-linear resistance devices, such as an NTC, PTC or log potentiometer, providing added value across numerous applications. In addition, the ITXPlus features a user-definable, user-programmable characteristic table that contains up to 101 measurement values. This is especially helpful when measuring levels with non-linear tank shapes. Measurements are delivered with excellent accuracy making the ITXPlus ideal for virtually all process instrumentation applications.
    If a sensor is replaced the ITXPlus can be easily re-configured with the user-friendly configuration software (TSET), which runs on any PC/laptop. Users can even connect and reconfigure the ITXPlus while it is in active operation, preventing costly system downtime. The configuration file can then be saved and printed for each serial or tag number as a back up or for future reference. The software also permits easy ITXPlus data logging onto the PC.
    With a width of only 12.5 mm, the ITXPlus has a compact and space saving design and industry-leading features and functionality. It is DIN-rail mountable and cULus approved. For more information, go to www.weidmuller.com.

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