Universal Safety Controller HUB / Safety PLC


The Universal Safety Controller HUB from Pinnacle Systems replaces multiple individual freestanding safety relay modules into one completely integrated and multi-faceted safety center. The Safety Controller HUB contains a multitude of input wiring provisions for various safety devices that will be incorporated on the machine to be guarded or controlled.  The HUB also contains dry contact safety relays and solid-state outputs in one complete, compact control reliable safety controller package. This provides ease of installation, improved safety and economic improvement on both installation and hardware costs.


Typical safety device inputs that can be monitored and controlled by the Safety HUB are: Safety Interlock Switches (all types), Safety Light Curtains, E-stop Switches, Cable Pull Switches, Safety Mats, “Control Reliable” Valves,  Muting Systems, operator two hand controls which contain anti-tie down/concurrency logic functions, EDM (External Device Monitoring) and much more.

Standard Features
•    The Safety Controller HUB has 24 safety input terminals that can utilize safety or non-safety devices. (Expandable).
•    The Safety HUB can monitor an input signal or provide 24 VDC when needed.
•    Inputs can be NPN sinking/ground or PNP sourcing /+24VDC.
•    Monitored mechanical captive contact safety relay outputs (dry) are built-in standard within the Safety HUB.
•    Monitored solid state outputs are built-in the Safety HUB.
•    Safety Channels A and B are both pulsed independently and sequentially to protect from component and internal shorts of 4 wire E-stop devices.
•    No dip switches for inadvertent tampering of safety circuit, outputs or ancillary functions.
•    No programming - Pinnacle Systems does everything for you!


  • 24 safety input terminals
  • No dip switches
  • No programming
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