Universal Signal Isolators for DC High-Voltage Systems Monitoring


Knick USA has announced the North American market introduction of its P40000 “ProLine” universal high-voltage signal isolators.

The Knick USA P40000 ProLine family is specially optimized for DC railway and light rail transit (LRT) applications. Series P40000 models are designed to accept voltages up to 3600 V DC, in accordance with IEC/EN 50124-1 and IEC 62497-1. Electrical shock protection is achieved via protective separation of up to 1800V AC/DC, in accordance with IEC/EN 61140 and EN 61010-1.

They are also UL 347 approved above 1500V and feature a mean time before failure of 96 years. Units have also successfully passed high shock and vibration testing in accordance with IEC61373. All of these factors make for a uniquely robust, true “industry best-in-class” signal isolator.

Knick USA ProLine signal isolators offer outstanding signal transmission capabilities, including a >0.1% gain error; a cutoff frequency of >5 kHz with optional loss pass filtering; and >0.1 ms rise times. They also offer high immunity to transient noise (T-CMRR >115 dB) with virtually no influence from common mode voltages. Housings are highly durable, thanks to vacuum encapsulation and the incorporation of Knick USA’s own TransShield technology. This ensures the greatest possible product performance within the most compact modular housing footprint.

For shunt based current measurements, the Knick USA P41000 Series is particularly ideal. It can accept voltages from ±60 mV to ±100 V, converting them into impressed ±20 mA, ±10 V or 4-20 mA output signals. Alternatively, another series model, the P42000, can accept input voltages of up to 3600V AC/DC and test voltages of up to 15 kV AC.

Tremendous flexibility is also afforded by a unique capability to switch from among 16 calibrated input/output voltage ranges (working voltages to 2200 V) and up to 16 unique customer-specified measuring ranges. An onboard 20V to 253V AC/DC power supply offers reliable operation, even with unstable supply. Units are further designed to prevent risks of damage, in the event of erroneous power connection.

The versatility of the Knick USA P40000 Series allows its specification as a single part number across multiple voltage monitoring requirements. This minimizes performance variants across multiple devices and reduces inventory overhead costs. In addition to railway DC voltage monitoring, the Knick USA P40000 ProLine may also be specified for marine and shipboard service requirements, as well as land, military and rail vehicle monitoring. All units are accompanied a comprehensive five-year product line warranty.


  • Voltage: Up to 3600 DC
  • Gain Error: >0.1%
  • Cutoff Frequency: >5 kHz
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