Universal Transmitter


The 4000 series of multifunctional transmitters offer versatile devices for isolation, conversion, scaling, amplification, alarming, control and more. They are used in a wide range of industries such as chemical industry, energy industry, water supply and wastewater, factory automation, cement, etc.


The 4184 Universal uni-/bipolar converter is the ideal addition to PR’s multifunctional 4000 series, as it is the world most versatile converter that can be operated by a detachable display for easy configuration and diagnostic.


The module interfaces analog active signals or powers 2/3-wire transmitters from more or less any field-device, such as pressure, flow and level transmitters, as well as, torque, position, current and acceleration sensors. This makes it the perfect interface for connecting devices like PLC, DCS, chart recorders and more.


This is particularly useful, where customers are looking for a product to become site standard, where it is essential to secure a high-accuracy signal, eliminate noise issues, and provide a strong galvanic isolation protection.

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