Unthreaded Standoff Fasteners


PEM® self-clinching thru-hole unthreaded standoff fasteners provide ideal solutions for applications where exact spacing is required between two panels in an assembly.  These fasteners install permanently and securely in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum sheets as thin as .040” / 1mm to achieve specified panel-spacing needs using minimal hardware. 

This family of self-clinching thru-hole unthreaded standoffs can be supplied in steel (Type SO), stainless steel (Type SOS), or aluminum (Type SOA).  All can be ordered in lengths ranging from .125” / 3mm to 7.50” / 20mm. The standoffs install quickly and easily using a PEMSERTER® or other standard press by first inserting the fastener into a properly sized round mounting hole in the metal sheet and into the press anvil.  

With punch and anvil surfaces parallel, sufficiently applied squeezing force embeds the standoff’s head flush in the sheet and the fastener is permanently installed without risk of loosening or falling out.  No other hardware is necessary to accomplish the required spacing function.


  • install permanently
  • self-clinching
  • where exact spacing is required

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