Updated Q-Gun with Durable Polished Aluminum Neck Armor


Bernard® has announced that its line of Q-Gun MIG guns will now feature polished aluminum neck armor. This aluminum armor is 35% thicker than the previously used brass armor for increased durability with no weight penalty. Aluminum armored necks are compatible with all 150- through 600-amp Bernard Q-Guns. The upgrade does not affect current pricing or part numbers.

Evolutionary Design
Bernard offers its Q-Gun in multiple custom configuration options to help optimize end-users' hand held welding productivity. In addition to the new aluminum neck armor, Bernard offers several features to increase the Q-Gun's durability and performance.

These features and options include:

  • A durable strain relief that helps extend product life.
  • An upgraded back end assembly, which allows for easier changeover of direct plugs and for the use of trigger cable adapters or "pigtails.
  • Trigger and switch options that allow welding operators to choose between locking trigger, dual pull trigger, dual schedule switch and trigger extension.
  • Five unique gun handles to suit any hand-held, air-cooled industrial welding application, along with the option for a fixed or rotating neck.


• Multiple interchangeable neck options including aluminum armored necks • Heavy-duty monocoil power cable • Rated to 350 amps • Accepts wire up to 3/32 inch
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