Urethane, Rubber & Sponge Blocks


MISUMI USA, Inc. announces the immediate availability of new round and metal plate-mounted versions, as well as configurable block versions, of its popular lines of urethane, rubber, sponge and other material components. All these products are used extensively in the building of machinery and equipment in various industries, especially factory automation devices, assembly machines and in sound-sensitive or wear-critical applications. Joining the fast-growing Misumi line of urethane, rubber and sponge washer, cap, seal, tape and block products are urethane and rubber bumpers with round tips, in a choice of solid or through-hole designs. With diameters, lengths and through-hole sizes configurable in 1mm increments, hundreds of sizes and shapes are available in various materials to suit virtually any application. Material selections include ether polyurethane in Shore hardness of 50, 70, 90 and 95, nitrile rubber, silicon rubber, low-elastic rubber and fluoro rubber. Likewise, a new line of urethane blocks mounted on metal plates is now offered in flat, V-shaped and corrugated designs, with taps available in the metal plates for easy positioning and mounting requirements. Configurable urethane and rubber blocks, in various shapes and sizes with configurable counterbore hole options, round out this new offering from Misumi.
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