USB-to-Ethernet Snap-On Adapter


Broadening its reach into the U.S. electronics market, Zephyr Technologies today released its USB-to-Ethernet Snap-On Adapter – a customizable adapter that delivers Ethernet network connectivity to mobile computer users who lack wireless wide-area coverage.
Zephyr’s Ethernet Snap-On Adapter replaces the traditional USB-to-Ethernet configuration by combining charging and communications capabilities into one unit – connecting directly to the mobile computer, eliminating the need for extra cables for connectivity, and enabling in-the-field users to instantly and consistently access and exchange real-time data.
Zephyr’s design can be customized for a wide range of mobile computer applications, and features such as its Single Cup Solution allows mobile users to power such devices as Motorola’s MC75 Series directly through Adapter while simultaneously offering Ethernet connectivity for anywhere/anytime communications.
“For technicians using the Motorola MC75 series computer who do not have access to wide area coverage at all times, this device allows them to seamlessly communicate throughout their work day,” said Zephyr Technologies General Manager Bill Thompson. “Our Snap-On Adapter allows in-the-field users to work in any part of the country, regardless of coverage, saving our customers time and money.”
    Zephyr’s USB-to-Ethernet Snap-On Adapter is equipped with an Ethernet connector with Auxiliary Dual Color LEDs to indicate host connection and network address status, and a power input connector to allow charging of the Mobile Computer while using the Ethernet function. It delivers an Ethernet speed of 10/100 auto detect in Host Mode and a USB speed of 12Mbps. It is also IEEE 1725-compliant, the industry’s highest battery-charging reliability standard.

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