UTS Slotless Direct Drive frameless motors


Applimotion’s new UTS Series direct drive slotless motors now cover 29-240 mm diameters with thin radial length, prefect for direct drive positioning or high speed spindle applications. Driven by customer demand and new applications in gimbal and imaging systems, Applimotion has expanded the range of their slotless motor line up.

Aces at scanning or precision positioning, slotless motors are hand down provide the smoothest motion available. True sinusoidal torque curves seamlessly integrate with sinusoidal motor controller electronics to create fully controllable smoothly rotating torque vector.

These motors remain true to their ULT ultra-thin origins with very low profile construction. They operate from industry standard brushless DC or brushless AC drivers from 12-300 volts and can be wound for low speed or high speed applications.

Another feature of these motors is low magnetic core losses. Slotless motors in general are optimum for high speed operation, above 10krpm. The frameless nature of these motors also allows them to easily be integrated into high speed spindles where they can operate with very low heating.

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