UV-A Inspection Lamp Meets Rolls Royce RRES 90061 Requirements


Tritan 365 Tri-365SBLC Inspection Lamp has a nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of less than 5,000 µw/cm2 at 15 in. (38 cm) with a large 4-in. (10 cm) diameter coverage area at 15 in. (38 cm), and a minimum UV-A intensity of 2,500 µw/cm2.


Features a low visible light emission of less than 0.5 foot-candle (5 lux) while long-lasting UV-A lenses reduce the rate of solarization.


A thermal cutoff circuitry prevents the lamp from going out of compliance when internal temperature exceeds specifications.



  • Faceplate with integral black light filters reduce output of wavelengths longer than 400 nm
  • White light LED allows for scanning of surface flaws or illuminating dark work spaces
  • Grip-mounted, three-way rocker switch (white light/off/UV) for easy control of light sources
  • Built-in fans keep LEDs cool to maintain optimum light output during extended use
  • Choice of standard 8-ft (2.4 m) or extra-long 20-ft (6.1 m) heavy-duty power cord with ac plug and rubber boot
  • Meets ASTM UV-A intensity and wavelength specifications for LPT and MPT
  • UV-absorbing spectacles and soft carrying case included
  • Made in the USA
  • Item Nos. UV-152235, UV-152237
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