UV Longpass Filters Provide Deep Blocking & High Transmission


Versatile cut-off filters offer a very large wavelength range from 350-2200 nm to accommodate a wide variety of applications.


UV Longpass Filters have an anti-reflective (AR) coating, which ensures superior performance and reduces the amound of reflection in the VIS and NIR spectra. They provide high transmision of designated wavelengths and deep blocking of unwanted wavelengths, providing maximum blocking within a few nanometers of the laser wavelength, to isolate narrow spectral regions


Filters available both unmounted or mounted.


Specifications & features:

  • seven models with diameters from 34 to 69 mm.
  • wavelength range from 350-2,200 nm
  • RoHS exempt
  • Hoya L-39 substrate
  • surface flatness of 4-6λ
  • surface quality of 80-50
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