V Guide Linear Motion Systems


MISUMI USA  has added new V Guides and V Guide Systems to its Linear Motion product lines. The V Guides are available in 90 degree and 70 degree metric-sized versions. Their design flexibility allows users to assemble the V Guide System in a variety of Wheel-Rail combinations to suit a wide variety of light linear motion applications.   The V Guides’ precisely engineered components are available separately and in matched set assemblies.  

Each system is comprised of a wheel, integrated bushings, track and traveling truck. The V-shaped wheel circumference produces a wiping effect which cleans up automatically while rotating on the track’s sliding surface. Lubricating the surface regularly results in exceptionally smooth travel and longer operational life.  Eccentric bushings allow for fine adjustments, and the load should always be applied to stationary bushings.  Load calculator tables can be found in MISUMI’s print and online catalogs.   Depending on the system selected, material options include heat-treated 52100 bearing steel and 440C stainless steel. Track lengths are selectable and are available in single blade or dual blade styles, with the choice depending on the load and application.  


  •  90 degree and 70 degree metric-sized version
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