V11Z03MMKXB Series of Super Soft Rubber Mountings


A new series of super soft rubber base mountings from Advanced Antivibration Components - AAC is highly effective for isolating light load applications including pc boards, controllers, small pumps, fans, motors, compressors, etc. Identified as the V11Z03MMKXB series, they are designed to isolate a nominal load of 29 N (6.52 lbf) and a maximum load of 58 N (13.04 lbf). 


These 15-durometer soft rubber mounts feature a low spring constant. They are designed for use in compression only. The zinc-plated steel end plates are serrated to prevent twisting during installation. Operating temperatures should be below 50°C (122° F). A double stud mount with similar specifications, identified as the V11Z03MMMKXA series, is stocked in 4 sizes.

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