V75 Sourcebook


The latest edition of the catalog—containing the industry’s finest collection of test, measurement, control, and calibration instruments—also provides an enhanced Table of Contents and indexes to make product location faster and easier. Each section is supplemented with a contents page to direct customers to specific products within that category. The 1450-page sourcebook offers a broad selection of products, along with access to numerous additional items from the same manufacturers. Instrument purchasers can also request customized configurations. A dedicated staff of Application Specialists is available to assist with specific or unique product requirements.
Many customers save time and money by having their new instrument calibrated before it is shipped. Davis Instruments offers this valuable in-house service through InnoCal®, Specialists in Instrument Calibration and Repair. The V75 catalog includes detailed information on calibration and the accompanying documentation required to meet even the most stringent quality requirements.

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