Vacuum Excavator Delivers High-Profile Power


Faced with evolving regulations and tightening budgets, today’s contractors need to be economical when it comes to their machine selection. To help meet this need, the new Ditch Witch HX30G vacuum excavator is designed to maintain power and productivity without breaking the bank.


As the latest installment to the Ditch Witch HX vacuum excavator line, the HX30G features the same durable, low-profile design. A narrow frame helps ease navigation in urban or congested areas and height-restrictive areas— without compromising ground clearance for avoiding ground-level obstacles.


The HX30G is powered by a 31-hp Vanguard gas engine for optimal suction power and water pressure for any small- to mid-sized excavation job or non-hazardous cleanup task. The new higher-powered machine is also equipped with a 542-cfm blower, 3000-psi water pressure and 4.2-GPM water flow to help increase productivity and efficiency on any job.


The machine is available with an optional jib boom to provide the widest range of motion in the industry. And the excavators come with a hose restraint to keep the hose from jumping. The HX30G comes with a hose storage system that allows the hose to be stored flat and straight inside the unit frame when it isn’t needed—a direct customer-driven enhancement.


Offering optimal versatility, the HX30G also comes with the choice of a 500 or 800-gallon tank to appeal to a variety of job requirements. And, it’s available in a variety of trailer configurations, including the new Ditch Witch VT9trailer, which when equipped with the 500-gallon tank has a GVWR of fewer than 10,000 lb. and does not require a CDL to transport. Other options include a 12, 14, and 20K trailer—all NATM compliant. 

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