Vacuum Generator Becomes SMART


piCOMPACT 23 SMART is an IO-Link-ready vacuum generator platform that offers operation with either standard 24V IO or IO-Link. The SMART, compact, all-in-one ejector is ready to meet the future.


Previously offered as an optional added feature, IO-Link is now included as a standard option. A generic input/output (IO) communication technology, IO-Link provides point-to-point links between sensors and actuators. It can be used with any type of fieldbus, enabling users to easily link together different systems within a plant.


With casings and electrical enclosures fulfilling the IP65 standard, providing complete protection against dust, and good ability to withstand water, the new standard version of the popular piCOMPACT 23 vacuum generator is also more robust than the previous generation. This allows it to be installed closer to the usage point with no need for extra protective measures, making installation easier.


Ready for the smart factories of the future, the user-friendly ejector platform is also equipped with a new gyro-based display function that simplifies readings, reducing the number of errors and increasing productivity. The use of optocouplers to achieve separation between valve and sensor lines in the vacuum generator system also adds another level of security, further limiting the risk of accidental equipment damage or personal injury.


Energy saving features offered as standard include Piab's proprietary Automatic Condition Monitoring (ACM) which, in deactivated mode, can be used for the detection of leaks, enabling quicker troubleshooting and maintenance.


The SMART generation of piCOMPACT 23 is ready to use and take full advantage of the benefits offered by an information-rich and connected Industry 4.0 future.


  • Configurable vacuum ejector based on COAX technology with integrated controls, developed for robotic handling applications.
  • Optimized design for high reliability, flexibility, high vacuum flow, and fast cycle times.
  • Energy Saving (ES) function with adjustable hysteresis, Automatic Condition Monitoring (ACM) and Automatic ES Level Determination (ALD).
  • Additional features; Amplified Blow-Off (ABO), Automatic Timer Blow-Off (ATBO), Intelligent Blow-Off (IBO) and Self Adhesion Control (SAC) automatically remove “unwanted” vacuum adhesion with short blow puffs.
  • Option (piCOMPACT23 SMART) with data communication through international standard system IO-Link
  • piCOMPACT 23 SMART to be selected for medium or larger vacuum systems, such as palletizing of boxes and loading, sorting, transfer, and unloading of different sheet materials.
  • Available sensor data; temperature, voltage, acceleration, cycle analysis and more, to help predict maintenance. Sensor data communicated over IO-link but also visual in the display menu.
  • Prepared for quick connect/release, with common compressed air feed for 1-4 units (buy 1-4 channel pumps). Easy maintenance and easy installation. Quick connect plate ordered separately.
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