Vacuum Handling System


SAS Automation introduces a new modular Vacuum Handling System line of Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT). This new vacuum handling system is the most reliable and easy way to handle bulky and heavy parts to ensure no part damage. Each gripper has one valve that is auto-regulated to open and close. Gripping power uniquely remains constant offering exceptional handling with improved lifting. Like many of the modular systems from >SAS< – this line is easy to configure to your specific part. It easily handles parts that are often difficult for standard grippers including porous, soft, twisted, round, flexible and other non-standard shapes, weights, and materials. Power Consumption: 1. Electric Turbine - power consumption of the turbine is approximately 30% of normal in release position 2. Compressed air - Venturi power consumption only in pick-up mode Significant advantages: · Adjustable systems available · Ability to handle a wide variety of shapes · Durable to handle weights to 614 lbs/ft² (3000 Kg/m²) · Independent and auto-regulated valve system · Lightweight and compact · Easy to install · Multiple heads configured in series only require one turbine · Many options available – to handle any part
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