Vacuum Tables


These Vacuum Tables have a near perfect flatness of +/- .001 inch per square foot and are made from aircraft and military grade materials. The entire vacuum table is constructed out of aluminum with an aluminum honeycomb core. Our proprietary combination of materials reduces the effect of temperature differences affecting the table flatness.

The honeycomb core has a slotted top and bottom to provide vacuum flow evenly across the table. On each vacuum table there are valve switches that are connected to a manifold that control different sides of the table; each valve is a different section. Simply turning a nob will create suction on the section of the table you choose. It also has a height adjustable base from 33-39 inches. Systematic Automation is the manufacturer of the smallest as well as the biggest vacuum tables.

Each vacuum table is highly customizable to the customers’ needs. The size of the table, thickness, placement of vacuum holes and size of vacuum holes can all be customized. The top surface of the vacuum table can also be customized with black anodize, regular aluminum and we have even done a Formica top surface.


  • near perfect flatness of +/- .001 inch per square foot 
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