Vader Combo Splash Goggle/Faceshield


Combining protective eyewear with a form-fitting face shield, the Vader Combo is ideal for construction, water departments, grinding, and more. The Vader Combo offers 180-deg. peripheral vision and face coverage; the only material that touches the face is an ultra-soft conditioned rubber that forms the splash barrier. Because the face shield isn’t attached to a hard hat, it provides unprecedented mobility and visibility.


If a job exposes its workers to any kind of wetness or debris being thrown into their faces, the Vader Combo brings the necessary protection. It protects from the sun, from impact, from splash—and even from dangerous, temporarily impaired vision caused by fog.


The Vader Combo exceeds the industry’s most stringent anti-fog standard. Its ANSI-rated, military-style splash goggle includes BK-Anti-Fog coating, a durable anti-scratch treatment, and is D3 rated for droplet and splash protection. The built-in venting system helps reduce the potential for moisture buildup, helping to maintain clear vision.


The Vader Combo Provides 99.9% UV protection and fits over most prescription eyeglasses. It meets demanding industry test requirements (ANSI Z87.1+, EN166K, EN166N, EN166UV) and meets or exceeds AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 for eye and face protection.


  • Goggle/ventilated face shield combination 
  • Medium impact protection 
  • Wide 180-deg. peripheral vision and face coverage 
  • Soft rubber gasket forms a splash-proof seal 
  • Liquid splash protection; rated D3 
  • 99.9% UV protection for outdoor wear 
  • 25 mm elastic headband with easy comfort adjustment 
  • ANSI-rated hard-coated polycarbonate lens 
  • Roomy over-the-glasses (OTG) design 
  • BK-Anti-Fog protection exceeds European EN 166/168
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