Vaporgard LED Luminaires


 Cooper Crouse-Hinds  announces the introduction of its Vaporgard™ LED Series as an ideal direct LED replacement for incandescent bulbs in industrial and hazardous applications. The new Vaporgard LED luminaires have 20 times longer life than incandescent lamps, and they reduce energy consumption costs by 85 percent. The Vaporgard LED Series was designed for use across industries, including oil and gas, food processing, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical and mining applications.

With a unique domeless, low profile design, the Vaporgard LED Series is ideal for low mounting heights and confined spaces where incandescent bulbs are too large to meet the facility’s needs. In addition to the luminaires’ 50,000 hours rated life, their compact design allows for simple component replacement and future upgrades, and contain no mercury or other hazardous chemicals, lowering maintenance and disposal time and cost. Vibration resistant, the Vaporgard LED Series is reliable in almost any harsh environment, and also features instant illumination with no warm-up time for cold temperature operation.

“Cooper Crouse-Hinds is continually striving to help our customers meet their goals in terms of operating costs, and the Vaporgard LED Series was designed to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs dramatically,” said Grant Gawronski, President, Cooper Crouse-Hinds. “The use of LED lighting is expanding, and we are proud to offer a product that can be used in hazardous conditions while saving energy and providing superior light quality to ensure safety. All of the Vaporgard LED luminaires’ outstanding benefits make them a sound choice for our customers’ needs.”

The Vaporgard LED Series has a lumen output equal to a 150-watt incandescent bulb and is available in both a cool- and warm-white color temperature. Because the warm white color is comparable to the color of an incandescent bulb, the Vaporgard LED Series allows facilities to seamlessly replace incandescent bulbs in stages without contrasting the incandescent light color. The Vaporgard LED is designed to easily adapt to existing modules, making the Vaporgard LEDs ideal for use in both retrofit and new construction projects.

 The Vaporgard LED Series meets NEC and CEC Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D requirements, along with UL and CSA standards.


  • direct LED replacement for incandescent bulbs
  • 20 times longer life than incandescent lamps
  • domeless, low profile design
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