Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. announces its Universal® series of vane and piston variable area flowmeters for local flow indication, flow consistency, reliability and low maintenance in processing lubrication oil, water, chemicals, brine, deionized water, paint and compressed air.
    The Universal® variable area meters provide local point-and-scale indication of flow rate to assist in problem diagnosis.  The meters respond immediately if flow goes too low.  They can be used when local indication and mechanical flow switching, without or without an optional pot-driven 4-20 mA transmitter, are desired.
    Meters in the Universal® series can transmit flows from 5 gallons per hour (20 liters per hour) to 1500 gallons per minute (5600 liters per minute).  The series includes LL piston-style meters for maximum flows from 5 GPH to 20 GPM (20 LPH to 75 LPM), SN vane-style meters for flows from 0.5 GPM to 20 GPM (2 LPM to 75 LPM), MN vane-style meters for flows from 10 GPM to 160 GPM (60 LPM to 600 LPM), LN vane-style meters for flows from 80 GPM to 500 GPM (300 LPM to 1800 LPM), and XHF vane-style meters for flows from 500 GPM to 1500 GPM (2000 LPM to 5600 LPM).  Universal Flow Monitors offers a wide choice of flowmeter construction materials, including brass, aluminum and stainless steel.
     Universal® variable area flowmeters are easy to install, operate and maintain.  They mount in line and in any orientation, with no straight pipe runs required.  No bypass is required for maintenance.  The meters and switches are rated for all classes, divisions and groups of hazardous locations.  The meters have CSA, CE and Cenelec certifications.

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