Variable Speed Drive Pump Less Noisey, Highly efficient


Eaton’s new variable speed drive (VSD) pump solution can provide up to 70% energy savings for equipment in the machine building, manufacturing, oil and gas and marine industries, depending on the machine duty cycle. The industrial pump solution, available in open- or closed-loop motion control configurations, reduces operational costs by allowing quieter machine operation, reducing or eliminating cooling needs and allowing for pump downsizing.

Running pumps at a variable speed also reduces noise pollution, protecting operators hearing while meeting noise regulations. As equipment efficiency increases, oil coolers can be downsized, limiting the amount of oil used and extending the life of seals and oil. Eaton’s VSD solution also helps machine owners meet Energy related Products (ErP) directive 2009/125/EC.


  • For Complete VSD Solution: Select one or more from PVM variable piston pumps, Hydrokraft TM variable piston pumps or VMQ fixed vane pumps.
  • Up to 70% in energy savings
  • Quieter Machine Operation
  • Reduces or eliminates cooling needs
  • Allows for pump downsizing
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