VariMill Chip Splitter


The VariMill Chip Splitter is for dynamic and trochoidal milling operations in steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant superalloys. It delivers higher metal removal rate (MRR) by separating long, undesirable stringy chips from deep cavities and dynamic milling paths by cutting material into shorter, more manageable sections.


This high-performance end mill is designed with non-overlapping chip splitters along the flute cutting edges. The result is more efficient MRR, while maintaining the ability to make finishing passes. The unequally spaced design feature allows each sequential cutting edge to remove any remaining material left by the chip splitter of the previous flute. The tool’s innovative design reduces breakage and makes it versatile enough for both roughing and finishing passes.


VariMill Chip Splitter End Mills are available in 5 and 7-flute configuration in 0.5 to 1 in. standard dimensions in both WP15E and WS15PE grades. The end mill can cut up to 4.5xD, achieving the highest feed-rate per tooth values, significant reduction in radial forces, and consequential improvements to MRR and overall tool life without compromising surface quality. The 5-flute chip splitter maximizes performance needs when machining steel materials, and the 7-flute chip splitter excels in machining stainless steel and heat-resistant superalloys such as 17-4PH, inconel, and titanium.


  • Chip splitters to break the chips into small segments making them easier to evacuate
  • 5-flute geometry for Steel applications
  • 7-flute geometry for Stainless Steel and Super Alloy applications
  • 4.5xD Ap1 Max to enable maximum MRR
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