Varioflex Bellows Suction Cups Deliver a Perfect Seal


Long life time and an outstanding holding capacity – FIPA bellows vacuum cups made of oil- and ozone-resistant Varioflex® composite material consist of a dimensionally stable body (60° Shore) and soft, low-marking sealing lip (30° Shore). The body prevents lateral buckling over a broad range of shear force. The soft sealing lip ensures minimum leakage, even on uneven product surfaces.

The outstanding recovery force of the body allows for the use of this bellows vacuum cup in systems with short cycle times.

FIPA offers a selection of Varioflex® bellows vacuum cups with 1.5 bellows (SP-BX1 series) and 2.5 bellows (SP-BX2 series) with diameters ranging from 15 to 75 mm.

FIPA Varioflex® bellows vacuum cups with 1.5 bellows can be used as vacuum cups for gripping dry sheet metal. Supports prevent deep drawing effects when working with thin-walled sheet metal.

FIPA Varioflex® bellows vacuum cups with 2.5 bellows are designed for applications that require good height and angle compensation, for example, the demoulding of injection moulding parts.


Afford perfect seal on;

  • oil-free metal sheets
  • hot injection-molded plastics
  • cardboard
  • wood
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