Velocity® II High-Speed Product Stacker with increased size range adjustability


Douglas Machine Inc. recently launched the NEW patent-pending Velocity® II High-Speed Product Stacker. The NEW Velocity® II retains all the features and benefits of the patented Velocity® with additional adjustability to run a range of product heights from 3/4 inches high to 4 inches high. The Velocity® II gently forms stacked product pack patterns without interruption, providing continuous product flow at speeds to 600 products per minute. Intelligent programming accurately counts products and automatically adjusts the product flow rate to prevent jams due to product spacing inconsistency.
The Velocity® II features servo controls for quick and repeatable tool-free changeovers, excellent flexibility for running numerous product sizes and pack patterns on one machine, and a compact design for an efficient use of floor space. The Velocity® II does not require pre-stacking or priming resulting in rapid startups.
The Velocity® II is used on Douglas product lines including the Axiom® Case and Tray Packers and cartoners.
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