Versatile Display Units for Rotary Encoders


Series of stand-alone digital display units is designed to connect directly to POSITAL's IXARC rotary encoders, TILTIX inclinometers, LINARIX linear sensors and provide a direct readout of position, rotational speed or angular displacement.

Depending on the type of sensor, the display units can be ordered with Analog, SSI or incremental inputs. Built-in output conversion (D/A or A/D) is also available, with one analog and up to four digital output channels. Teaming up a digital display with an encoder, inclinometer or linear sensor provides a simple, convenient and accurate measurement tool for on-site position or speed measurement. By taking advantage of the output channels, it is simple to integrate the sensor and display into more complex control systems. Thanks to their compact size and sturdy construction, these displays can be located close to the machinery where the sensors are mounted. This makes it practical to use them for machine setup tasks or as a cost-effective way of monitoring machine status on the factory floor.


Displays can be programmed to provide:

  • angular position
  • linear position
  • rotational speed directly
  • limit warnings
  • cam-follower functionality
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